Biodegradation Testing

ASTM D6400 :

The methodology outlined in ASTM D6400 involves subjecting plastic materials or products to specific testing conditions in an industrial composting facility. The main parameters include temperature, moisture content, oxygen availability, and the presence of specific microorganisms that facilitate composting.

Testing typically involves placing the plastic materials or products in an appropriate composting environment and monitoring their biodegradation and disintegration over a specified period. The rate and extent of biodegradation are assessed, ensuring that the plastic material breaks down into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass without leaving harmful residues or toxic metals in the environment.

ASTM D6400 standard is generally used in packaging industry where single use plastic like bags, food containers, utensils can be replaced by these compostable options ultimately helping in reducing waste in the landfills. It is also used in agriculture & horticulture industry for preparation & testing of mulch films, food industry for compostable plates, tableware, cups, bottles, etc. and also in personal care products to some extent for wipes, sanitary napkins, etc.

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