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Microbiologist doctor taking a blood sample tube from rack
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Biodegradability & Composability Tests.
UN Certification for Dangerous & Hazardous Goods.

NABL/BIS/IAS Accredited Lab
Welcome to ERRL – Enviro Remediation & Research Laboratory, a premier NABL ISO 17025, IAS & BIS accredited lab located in Mumbai, India’s most famous commercial hub. Since our establishment in 2016, we have been committed to providing exceptional testing and research services in the field of biodegradable product testing, ecotoxicity and composting tests, mechanical testing with UN certifications (Hazardous & Dangerous Goods Packaging), environmental testing, and research and development in these fields.

Industries We Serve :


Plastic & Plastic Products

Paper & Fiber


Textile & Fabric

Bio composite Materials

Bio composite Materials

Organic & Inorganic Compounds

Organic & Inorganic Compounds

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Additives / Masterbatch / Colourants


Oil & Fuel



Accreditations & Standards



One of the most important accreditation.


ISO 17025

This allows standardization of all the tests performed.


Competent in rendering quality services internationally.



We’ve received the highest Indian Standard mark ever.



All tests are performed according to the global standards using the best equipment's.



We are qualified to use all these standards for testing purposes.

Why Choose Us ??

  • Worldwide Acceptance :

    Being NABL ISO 17025, IAS and BIS accredited, our lab reports are accepted in CPCB (India) and valid worldwide.

  • Skilled Experts & Dedicated Scientists :

    We have a panel of bioplastics experts & mechanical experts for conducting and following up with strict compliance of tests. They have an experience of 20+ years in this field & have been approached by several R & D teams for troubleshooting.

  • Latest Equipment & Technology :

    Our lab has a huge infrastructure with state of art technology & latest equipment required for testing as per norms of industry standards including ICP-MS and Elemental Analyzer.

  • In-House Testing:

    All the tests are conducted in our laboratory and conducted by our experts under strict supervision.

  • R & D :

    We also help manufacturing companies to carry out tests during developmental phases of product innovations.

  • Cost Effective & Timely Reports :

    We can provide best rates for tests and help you with timely reports for approvals and submissions.

What our clients say about us

Global Chemie

They have got very efficient and knowledgeable staff. They are requirements for testing work …
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Riddhi Pharma

The process of getting our package UN certified was made hassle free by them. The staff was …
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Alex Industries

Single certificates were issued for export of dangerous goods by air and sea. This made our …
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S. K . Chemical

Getting UN Certificates from them is rather simple. We got a single UN certificate for our exports by sea … Read More


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Latest Case Studies

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What People Say About Us

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Ethan Shaw
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