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Biodegradability Explained By ERRL

August 1 , 2023

Biodegradability is the ability of a material to naturally decompose through the action of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. In an era where waste pollution poses a significant threat to the environment, the importance of biodegradable materials cannot be overstated. The conventional materials we use in our daily lives, such as plastics, can take hundreds or even thousands of years to fully decompose when disposed of in landfills or the natural environment. 

Why Eco-toxicity Testing is necessary for Biodegradable products ?

July 29 , 2023

As the global shift towards sustainable practices gains momentum, biodegradable products have emerged as a promising alternative to traditional plastics. However, it is essential to ensure that these products do not pose any harm to the environment during the degradation process. This is where eco toxicity testing plays a vital role. In this blog post….

Why NABL ISO 17025 Certification is important ?

July 5 , 2023

Ensure the quality and reliability of your testing needs by choosing an NABL ISO 17025 accredited laboratory. Discover the significance of accreditation and how ERRL – Enviro Remediation & Research Laboratory exemplifies technical competence, credibility, and accurate results. Trust our accredited lab for your testing requirements. Biodegradability testing is becoming increasingly important in today’s eco-conscious world.

Why choose us

June 22 , 2023

In the world of biodegradable plastics testing, finding the right lab is essential to ensure accurate and reliable results. With numerous labs claiming to offer the best services, making the right choice can be challenging. At our lab, we are confident that we are the perfect fit for all your biodegradable plastics testing needs. When it comes to biodegradable plastics testing, choosing the right lab can make all the difference….

ABC's of Composability

June 8 , 2023

Compostability plays a vital role in sustainable waste management, offering a pathway to transform organic materials into valuable resources. In this blog, we will delve into the fundamentals of compostability and how ERRL Lab tests materials to determine their suitability for composting. Join us as we explore the importance of compostability in reducing waste and promoting circularity in our ecosystems.

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