When do we need UN Testing Certificate?

If you want to export any Hazardous material that is regulated by the UN, then chances are that you will need UN certification. In other cases, the testing may be needed to avoid damage / loss of product.

How often do I need to do UN Testing?

All Packaging’s must be retested annually.

What is the difference between an original and a re-certification?

As far as the testing required and number of test samples needed, there essentially is no difference.  However a package can only be called a re-certification if it is NOT “different” from a previously tested design type. By definition, a “different” packaging is one that differs (i.e. is not identical) from a previously produced packaging in structural design, size, material of construction, wall thickness or manner of construction.

If I change design / upgrade specification of my packing material (shipper), do I have to re-test (recertify) my package?

Any change in design or specification is not allowed as per the regulations and would in fact require a re-test (re-certification).

How to get a package UN certified?

The following is a list of required items that must be obtained before issue of certificate:

  • A completed set of our Test request Forms AND specifications of every component of the package, product (MSDS sheet).
  • Sample packaging materials to make up the test. This includes enough outer and inner containers, closures for the inner and outer container(s) and any inner or intermediate packaging components.
  • A purchase order number for all testing needed for certification.

Is the Cobb Test compulsory for Certification of Fiberboard Box?

Yes. As per Standards for Fiberboard Boxes the water resistance of the outer surface must be such that the increase in mass is not greater than 155 gm per square meter over a 30 minute time period.

How many samples to be submitted for UN Testing?

The number of samples required for testing varies depending upon the type of packaging being tested. Each “Test Request Form” will include the number of samples that are needed.

What does a UN Certification Test Series Cost?

Each project is quoted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for a formal quote.