Municipal Solid Waste Management in India | MSW Management


Municipal solid waste (MSW) is an inevitable by-product of human activity. It includes all wastes generated within a municipality. MSW refers to all wastes generated, collected, transported, and disposed of within the jurisdiction of a municipal authority. In most cases, it comprises mainly food waste, and rubbish from residential areas, street sweepings, commercial and institutional nonhazardous wastes as well as (in some countries) construction and demolition waste. MSW management incorporates several interrelated aspects, which needs complete cooperation and collaboration for efficient delivery. It comprises aspects of waste generation, waste composition, collection, recycling (if any), pretreatment and treatment, and finally, disposal.
Currently the preferred disposal methods are open dumps, landfills or Incineration for large amountof waste whereas only some part of it would be subjected to composting or fuel generation.
At ERRL, we have expertise to provide assistance to the organization, industries or Government to for solving MSW management problems with most eco-friendly / green techniques like Bioremediation, Phytoremediation and vermicomoposting.

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