Biodegradation Testing

Biodegradation Testing

For Plastic:
High molecular weight polymers biodegradation tests applicable to biodegradable plastics, papers, coating, packaging and other consumer material.
Testing by following methods to determine if the product or its components meets the requirements of ASTM / ISO biodegradability definitions.

  • Anaerobic Biodegradation of plastic materials under High-solids anaerobic-digestion conditions as per ASTM D5511 or ISO 15985 test methods.
  • Aerobic Biodegradation of plastic materials in soil as per ISO 17556 or ASTM D 5988 test methods.
  • Aerobic Biodegradation of plastic materials in Marine environment as per ASTM D 6691 test method.
  • Compostable plastics as per ISO 14855– in reference to specification IS/ISO 17088 or ASTM D 5338 – in reference to specification ASTM D 6400).
  • Oxidation and Biodegradation of plastic material as per ASTM D 6954 test method.

For Oil Or Chemicals:
Lubricants-oil, hydraulic fluid or grease or variety of chemicals biodegradation test as per ASTM & OECD methods.

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Biodegradability Testing