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Biodegradability Testing

We Selecting the most appropriate test method for demonstrating a finished product’s biodegradability can be critical for material suppliers and manufacturers.
For example, products successfully tested to ‘Ready Biodegradability’ standards using the OECD 301B biodegradation test method can make claims related to that specific level of biodegradability (ex. ‘Readily Biodegradable’), but products tested to different biodegradation test standards such as the OECD 302B product test method cannot make these same claims. The same claims cannot be made due to the differences in how the methods are designed to measure biodegradation and their accommodation of different types of materials; these factors can greatly affect several parameters of the degradation process for different types of products or materials.
How we perform this Testing:
• Biodegradability testing measures the complex biochemical process that occurs when microorganisms consume a given type of material.
• Although complicated, the test results measure relatively simple markers of the biodegradation process.
• A product’s ability to biodegrade depends on the amount of carbon available for microbial consumption.
• At present, regulations require biodegradability claims to be based on Aerobic Biodegradation, which typically measures oxygen consumption, CO2 production and the state of inorganic carbon intermediates.

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Biodegradability Testing of oil in india
Biodegradability Testing